Backup procedure

AnP Consulting believe in providing balance between:

The Recovery Point Objective (RPO), and the Recovery Time Objective (RTO).

With an RTO of zero ("I cannot go down"):
Opt for a completely redundant infrastructure with replication off-site (DR site).

With an RTO of a few hours or more:
Opt for on site NAS drive backup, with either rotatable off-site USB drive or Cloud copies.

RPO unpacks as the allowable level of data loss ("How much I.P. am I willing to lose").
This speaks to the 'frequency' of backup, the "how often" to take backups.

A high RPO:
Opt for a 'per transaction' ;retention backup.

A low RPO:
Opt for large breaks between backup runs.

Considerations: The tighter either the RTO and/or the RPO, the more money you will spend on your backup infrastructure.

Remember, your 'Backup' is only ever as good as your restore 'Policy'.
At AnP, your restore policies are as important as the SLA. Let us move forward in assisting you by providing an on site I.T needs analysis.

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